Victoria's Secret Angels Caught On Video Rapping the N-Word Backstage

White Victoria Secret Angels Face Backlash For Singing The N-Word

Victoria's Secret models slammed for allegedly singing N-word in Cardi B song 'Bodak Yellow'

Some of the models can be seen singing the lyrics: "Hit the store, I can get 'em both, I don't wanna choose, and I'm quick, cut a n***a off, so don't get comfortable". It's that the n-word was sung by a room filled with mostly white models.

The line has seemingly been deleted from Karlie Kloss' version of the singalong on YouTube. Some fans took a deep dive into analyzing the footage, pointing out that model Devon Windsor stopped rapping when she knew the N-word was coming up in the song, looked at the camera, and didn't say anything, though her fellow Angels happily kept going.

Cardi B retweeted a Twitter user's video of the models singing on her timeline. "Hearing these "niggas" but not seeing no niggas", tweeted one person. "That n-word was too loud and clear for there only to be one black girl in this room".

That began to gain traction on Twitter, with some claiming that Cardi used a ghostwriter for the song, and others noting that Kodak Black (real name: Dieuson Octave) is listed as a songwriter on the credits.

One woman even called for the models to be fired.

At this time, the video is still live and none of the models involved have commented.

Cardi B, Bronx-born rapper and reality TV star, slammed the United Nations (UN), calling the thriving slave trade situation in Libya "shameful and disgusting" as the country "hasn't had a president or any type of government running them for kind of a long time right now", she explained in a video.

"Words don't have a meaning without context", Coates said at an event last month at Evanston Township High School in IL.

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