Vanity Affair Apologizes For Suggesting Hillary Clinton Take Up Knitting

President Donald Trump

Manuel Balce Ceneta Associated Press President Donald Trump

In the Vanity Fair Hillary Clinton video, six white magazine editors suggest that failed Democratic U.S. Presidential candidate "take more photos in the woods", put away her "James Comey voodoo doll" and take up knitting, improv comedy or "literally anything that'll keep [her] from running again", even though Clinton herself has already said that she won't run for president again.

The editors suggest she vow to take up knitting, volunteer work or any hobby that would keep her from running again for president.

VF got torched on social media for the video which the publication finally conceded was an "attempt at humor" that "missed the mark".

On Twitter, Trump said the magazine was "bending over backwards in apologising for the minor hit".

Former Clinton Advisor Peter Daou sparked the #CancelVanityFair hashtag and noted Clinton had been fending off "sexist attacks" for years.

The video was compiled by Vanity Fair's politics and business vertical The Hive.

In his tweet, Trump noted the apology and also jabbed Wintour, who is editor-in-chief of Vogue and artistic director for Conde Nast, which owns both Vogue and Vanity Fair, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Vanity Fair is edited by Radhika Jones, who took over this month for its longtime leader, Graydon Carter.

Some irate observers expressed their anger at the video in replies to Vanity Fair on Twitter, arguing that the magazine had "destroyed all credibility" in one tweet and suggesting that people should cancel their subscriptions or write letters to the editor. In past videos, Vanity Fair employees have jokingly advised press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to start a radio show with Bernie Sanders, in which he yells at her "in his Brooklyn accent" and she yells back "in her W.C.W. wrestling voice". Actress Patricia Arquette also criticized the magazine, writing, "Hey STOP TELLING WOMEN WHAT THE F-CK THEY SHOULD DO OR CAN DO. I want to believe they gave each of those individuals an opt-out opportunity but they genuinely looked happy to do it".

"So @VanityFair decided that the best way to end 2017 was to take a repulsive cheap shot at @HillaryClinton, one of the most accomplished women in the history of the United States".

Carter seemed to take the ridicule in stride.

This wasn't a Hillary hit piece either, for what it's worth! "We made silly new years resolutions for a bunch of politicians", she said.

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