USC QB Darnold has no qualm playing for Browns

The junior QB remains in concussion protocol after he suffered the injury in the Bruins' final regular-season game against Cal. Team doctors did not want Rosen to play so soon after suffering the shot to his head.

Prior to Tuesday's Cactus Bowl game on Tuesday, Rosen told media members that he would "rather be a lower pick at the right team than a higher at the wrong team", via ESPN's Josh Weinfuss.

None of that changes the fact that no team, no organization wants to be associated with any player insinuating or saying outright that their team isn't a place where they want to be. There were also statements that Rosen wanted to be with a more stable franchise.

The Browns secured the #1 pick in next year's draft after losing to the Chicago Bears.

Rosen is quickly becoming the NFL's E.F. Hutton (Google it, kids), with his candid remarks resonating for the media, even if it's simply the rare instance of one of the supposed robots becoming self-aware and saying things that could prompt National Football League teams to fear that this one could make the other robots self-aware, too.

They can draft Rosen and basically dare him to sit out for a year or make the best of things.

Sam Darnold wouldn't have a problem playing for the Browns.

The Giants (2-13) are likely to hold the No. 2 pick in the draft and will be in the market for Eli Manning's replacement.

The expectation is that Rosen would prefer to play in NY as Eli Manning's heir. He's already projected as one of the top quarterback prospects in this year's draft should he declare, with several teams looking to fill the position. The Browns also have the Houston Texans' first-round pick which is now at No. 4. ESPN reported that Rosen might skip the draft and return to play for Chip Kelly at UCLA next season if he knows the Browns would take him at No. 1.

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