United Kingdom must produce 'credible' border plan to unlock Brexit talks - Irish PM

Pro-EU protesters demonstrate outside Parliament in London Britain

Pro-EU protesters demonstrate outside Parliament in London Britain

London's proposal would allow "Regulatory Convergence" or the adoption of European Union industry standards by Northern Ireland to continue in an attempt to minimize the disruption of trade between it and the Republic of Ireland.

The Exiting the EU Committee in the House of Commons said it appeared impossible to marry the decision to pull out of the single market and customs union with the intention to create a "frictionless" border.

President of the European Council Donald Tusk signs a guest book in the office of Prime Minister (Taoisaech) of Ireland Leo Varadkar at Government buildings in Dublin, Ireland, December 1, 2017.

Clearly, Ireland wants the post-Brexit arrangement to be as close the the status quo as possible, with no border infrastructure in particular.

"We're not where we need to be today but I do think it is possible to get to where we need to be over the next few days", he said.

DUP Party officials have suggested they view convergence as tantamount to keeping Northern Ireland within the customs union - thus creating a new unofficial border between Northern Ireland and the UK.

Tusk said: "It is their [U.K.'s] responsibility to propose a credible commitment to do what is necessary to avoid a hard border".

The party has warned British Prime Minister Theresa May that she may not be able to count on their votes, if she agrees to any Brexit solution that places barriers, "real or perceived" between the North and Britain.

"And we have agreed today that before proposing guidelines on transition and future relations to the leaders, I will consult the taioseach if the United Kingdom offer is sufficient for the Irish government", he added.

The EU will decide in mid-December whether there has been sufficient progress in Brexit negotiations to consider moving the talks to a further stage where future relations between the United Kingdom and the bloc are discussed.

In fact, both Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to remain in the European Union by margins of 55.8% and 62% respectively.

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