Truck drivers upset over new requirement

Truck drivers upset over new requirement

Truck drivers upset over new requirement

"This 14-hour clock. This almighty regulator of our time is what rules our day".

"Hasner said he realizes it's late in the game to be appealing the mandate, but, he believes drivers' voices have not been heard".

"The government needs time to certify the ELD units", Conaway said. "I've been driving for going on for 28 years and I've run paper all these years...just like anything else, if it isn't broke don't fix it". The ELD will record that their truck was moved, and force them to reset the clock, costing the trucker valuable drive time. "If it's man-made, we brought it on a truck somewhere", said Hasner.

"The Congress is not listening to us", he said. "The media is not listening to us".

"It is completely ridiculous, for anybody to think that some one is going to hack into the truck, and drive it".

The Kentucky Trucking Association, which represents the industry, supports the ELD mandate, though it supports delaying enforcement.

"FMCSA has listened to important feedback from many stakeholder groups, including agriculture, and will continue to take steps to ease the transition to the full implementation of the ELD rule", said FMCSA Deputy Administrator Cathy Gautreaux.

Darrell and Audrey Wright own a trucking company based out of Hollywood in Jackson County.

Operating as D&A Transportation with three trucks, Darrell said he expects to lose revenue after ELDs are implemented. Information from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration says the devices are meant to help create a safer work environment for drivers and make it easier and faster to accurately track, manage, and share records of duty status data.

"With manufacturers of ELDs now responsible for "self-certifying" their compliance with government standards, with no effective procedures seemingly yet developed to provide oversight over such "self-certifying", drivers and operators are left without any way of ascertaining which brands and models of devices ultimately will pass muster", said Hill.

However; Singh said it won't be fair to the driver because they will only get paid for the time they're moving and not the time they're waiting for a load. "As much as I love to feed the country, I can't sit in a dock all day and still get the food to them".

"There are cost estimates that it will cost an additional $42 billion [to truck goods to market] in 2017 and going up from there to consumers. The ECMs in my truck are made for diagnostics, they're not made to send and receive things to another computer".

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