Three Super Moons to Be Observed between December and January

A full moon arises when the Earth sits directly between the sun and the moon

A full moon arises when the Earth sits directly between the sun and the moon

A supermoon is larger and more luminous that an ordinary full moon. "Sometimes during the year we get an opportunity to see the full moon when it is at its closest point and that's what we'll be seeing on December 3".

As explained by astronomers, the phenomenon of SUPERLINE is due to the fact that the full Moon, moving on an elliptical orbit, suitable as close to the Ground. The moon will not come this close to the earth again until 2034.

The distance between the moon and Earth constantly changes.

It will shine up to 30 per cent brighter, not only because it's close to Earth, but also because Earth will be nearing its closest to the sun in early January. The moon's average distance from Earth is 238,000 miles, according to It is anticipated that it will be within 222,443 miles from our planet at 4 pm on December 4.

The last full moon of 2017 is happening this weekend and will be the biggest and brightest of 2017! This is due to an optical illusion that makes the super moon appear much bigger and brighter than it will look when it rises higher in the sky.

An airplane flies past the moon above Stamford, Conn. on Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016.

The Slooh Supermoon Challenge livestream will kick off on Sunday December 3 at 9pm EST (Monday December 4 at 2am).

"It is said that the moon appears larger because we compare it with terrestrial objects such as trees or buildings".

Supermoons occur roughly once a year.

CT residents will have their eyes peeled to the sky Sunday night as the "supermoon" makes its only appearance in 2017.

Or, you know-you could just look out your window.

When the supermoon is viewed low on the horizon, it appears huge. This effect is termed as "moon illusion".

Just to be clear, the supermoon is only the moon-there will be no eclipse and no colors. "But it's another great chance to watch the Moon".

The January 31 supermoon will also be the second full Moon of the month.

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