The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson Was Scared of Destroying [SPOILERS]

The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson Was Scared of Destroying [SPOILERS]

The Last Jedi: Rian Johnson Was Scared of Destroying [SPOILERS]

After a weekend that included Christmas Eve falling on a Sunday, Star Wars: The Last Jedi unwrapped an added $42.3M globally on Monday's Christmas Day.

Its lifetime run is expected to include $750 million-$800 million North American ticket sales. The film earned approximately $27.5 million on Christmas Day from North American theaters with $14.8 million more hailing from its worldwide release. The second Monday in theaters for The Last Jedi was Christmas Day, while the second Monday for The Force Awakens was coming off of Christmas weekend in 2015. Of that, $14.8M comes from the worldwide box office, repping 19% of the second weekend.

Did you end up seeing Star Wars or Jumanji over the holiday weekend? "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" tops the domestic list with $936.7 million and "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" is in seventh place with $532.2 million. Some, however, did not like how writer-director Rian Johnson answered a lot of lingering questions, and many were offended by what they deemed to be complete deconstructions of the mythology we knew.

Not accounting for inflation, The Last Jedi has now outgrossed The Empire Strikes Back, Return of the Jedi, Attack of the Clones and A New Hope, and is fast closing in on Revenge of the Sith, which earned $849 million back in 2005.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here and the internet is exploding with glee.

Nevertheless, through Christmas Day, The Last Jedi was trailing Force Awakens by almost $175 million in North America at the same point in their runs. The humor, action and set pieces culminate in an awesome movie jammed full of moments that will make audiences hum for years to come. It's almost impossible to talk about a movie's coolest moments without mentioning a few plot points, so please, if you haven't seen the movie yet wait and come back to this article!

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