Tennessee hospital sees early increase in flu cases

Tennessee hospital sees early increase in flu cases

Tennessee hospital sees early increase in flu cases

But health experts at the CDC say there are other, proven ways to help fight the flu.

Earlier this month, the Kansas City Health Department and said the winter season was on pace to be "very bad".

Influenza B, typically seen toward the end of flu season, is accounting for the the jump in New Jersey cases this season, according to state data.

Influenza s ymptoms tend to arise pretty suddenly, and can include: fever, sore throat, cough, runny nose, chills/body aches, and headaches, vomiting and diarrhea.

The strain of influenza circulating this year is known to cause severe illness, according to a city release sent out today.

North Carolina officials have reported the state's first child death from flu for this season.

The CDC has also discovered that this year's strain of flu is "only somewhat covered by the vaccine that was given this year", Radke said.

Health and Human Services officials in Boone and Cole counties confirm that cases of the flu continue to rise as the year ends.

In addition to the child, 11 adult flu-related deaths have been reported in North Carolina this season, which began October 1.

"If we only relied on confirmed cases, we'd be getting just the tip of the iceberg", says Dr. Randall Todd of the Washoe County District Health Department. The flu virus can live on a surface for a few hours after exposure, so it is of vital importance to have proper hygiene, Modi said.

"Older adults, individuals with chronic health conditions, pregnant women, young children and infants are more vulnerable to flu illness".

Arkansas is one of 23 states where influenza activity is rated as widespread by the Centers for Disease Control.

"It is hard to predict which influenza viruses will predominate in the 2017-18 influenza season". They note the best way to prevent the spread of influenza is to cover coughs and sneezes and to wash hands often, especially after coughing or sneezing into them.

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