Snow, frigid cold are on tap

Timing of snow

Timing of snow

The Spokane region is due for another round of wet, white shellacking - and just in time for New Year's weekend.

Above are projected snow totals between Thursday into Saturday from the National Weather Service.

At least now in Billings the temperatures are above zero, but not by much. Thursday will likely not get above 0, with wind chills as low as -35 overnight, according to the National Weather Service.

WTOL meteorologist Robert Shiels is expecting even colder temperatures in the area tonight - minus 6.

A light accumulation or sleet, snow and possibly freezing rain will be possible.

"We are showing a warm-up right after the new year, some of the long term models show some moderation, and on the official forecast for Tuesday we have Williston at a high of 14 degrees", Hargrove said.

There were 10 inches of snowfall recorded in Winslow, 11 inches in Mount Vernon, and 8 inches in Hallowell, according to the National Weather Service.

When temperatures drop, wind chills can become risky.

Our temperatures will continue to stay mostly into the single digits above and below zero for the next few hours.

Simpson said morning commuters Wednesday and Thursday should try to wear face masks and hats, if possible.

Looking ahead to the weekend, Simpson said Bostonians celebrating New Year's Eve should expect to brace themselves for cold as well if traveling outdoors through the city.

She said typically the daytime resource center for people in need has between 50 and 60 visitors.

Positive Avenues, 320 Putnam St., is experiencing an increase in visitors with the cold weather.

Bring pets indoors. If they can't come inside, make sure they have enough shelter and can get to unfrozen water. Miller said the walkways and sidewalks have been cleared and they have maintenance people ready for any additional work that may be needed.

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