Rumour confirmed: Catherine coming to PS4 and Vita

Catherine Third

Rumour confirmed: Catherine coming to PS4 and Vita

A few days ago, we reported the news that Atlus USA was looking into bringing back its PlayStation 3 cult classic Catherine for a new audience to enjoy - but we didn't quite have confirmation.

Catherine: Full Body comes with a new ending, episode, anime movie, and plenty of sexy events. This game is being developed by Studio Zero, which is now also working on a new RPG Project Re FANTASY and is headed by Katsura Hashino, the producer and director of the original Catherine.

The game was detailed in the latest issue of Japanese magazine Famitsu, which has been translated by Gematsu.

And during the day, Vincent will not only have to juggle his feelings for Katherine and Catherine, but a woman named Rin. She'll introduce new story elements, apparently, and she's described as "a very straightforward and gentle character", which is interesting since Catherine is most certainly not a gentle game. There will also be online multiplayer battles in the PS4 and Vita version, unlike the original, single-player release. The main gameplay system involves connecting and pushing blocks to push towers, and apparently there will be a new mechanic now where you can connect multiple blocks and push them all at once.

Today the rumour has been confirmed by Atlus, who says that a remake of the 2012 game will be coming to the PS4 and PS Vita by the name of Catherine: Full Body, with no word on Xbox One (at least not yet).

The game doesn't have a release date, but it's expected to arrive sometime in 2018, alongside Atlus' port of Dragon's Crown Pro.

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