Police discover body of woman who went missing after Tinder date

Sydney Loofe 24 was reported missing in mid-November

Police discover body of woman who went missing after Tinder date

A U.S. woman who vanished last month after going on a Tinder date has been found dead by police, her family says. She was reported missing November 16.

An analysis of Loofe's digital records led them to the area where they searched for answers for how Loofe's body ended up in rural Clay County, more than 100 miles from her home in Lincoln.

Without elaborating, Bliemeister said law enforcement does believe there is evidence of foul play and will continue with the search of the area and collecting pathology evidence.

Loofe's disappearance prompted a widespread investigation involving the FBI, Lincoln police and multiple sheriff's offices.

"It's with heavy hearts that we share this most recent update with you all.May God grant eternal rest unto thee. We love you Sydney", they wrote.

Trail and Boswell remained in the Saline County jail on a hold for the U.S. Marshal's Service.

Trail and Boswell are considered people of interest in Loofe's disappearance and were arrested on unrelated warrants. The two are described as "persons of interest" in the case. Boswell, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses, said the last time she saw Loofe was when she dropped her off at a friend's house after their last date, but investigators say they haven't been able to verify Boswell's timeline of events. This media house does not correct any spelling or grammatical error within press releases and commentaries.

Loofe's cell phone was last pinged in Wilber, NE, where one of the two has an apartment. She said she went on two dates with Loofe, which according to her mostly consisted of smoking marijuana while driving around Lincoln, Nebraska.

Sydney Loofe's coworkers and family said it was out of character when she didn't arrive for her shift as a cashier at the north Lincoln store. Trail and Boswell posted videos on social media last week proclaiming their innocence and claiming their efforts to speak with Lincoln police had been largely rebuffed.

Bliemeister said the area has been closed off now by law enforcement so officers can thoroughly investigate the site. "She has a decent heart". They claimed to be cooperating with authorities but also described themselves as "on the run".

"We're going to be busy for a little while working on it and like I said just to make sure we have everything we need to thoroughly process this", Pullen said. She said that she met Loofe "on a Tuesday", and she picked her up from her home. She added that the next night, November 15, she picked up Loofe again, doing much of the same.

Trail said he objected to the reporting on his criminal background, which includes a conviction for grand theft in 2000.

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