Pizza Hut testing beer and wine delivery

Pizza beer

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Jack in the Box also made waves a few years ago with the late-night-only "Munchies Menu", a wink-and-nod acknowledgement that people will eat too much fast food after smoking too much weed.

CNN reports Pizza Hut will begin testing beer and wine deliveries alongside pizza orders in "certain cities", with Phoenix being the initial guinea pig.

Pizza Hut's beer delivery menu in Phoenix includes six-packs of Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top and Kilt Lifter, a local brew. In January, the company plans to add wine to its offerings and expand beyond its test market. Therefore, the next logical step was to offer adult beverage delivery, according to statements from Pizza Hut's Director of Brand Marketing, Stacy Lynn Bourgeois.

Pizza Hut parent Yum Brands Inc has been working to turn around sales at the chain. Bourgeois added that Pizza Hut stores will need a license to distribute alcohol and delivery drivers must be 21 or older to deliver the goods.

What's new is the delivery. Its biggest competitors Dominos and Papa John's will only delivery soft drinks and bottled water shows each of their websites. During the summer, the pizza chain announced that it would be hiring 14,000 more drivers around the country by the end of 2017.

Rival Papa John's worldwide sells beer and wine at a handful of locations in the western United States and at locations in Latin America, China and Russian Federation.

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