Pennsylvania woman receives $284 billion electric bill

Woman gets $284 billion electric bill

News Close Woman gets $284 billion electric bill

A Pennsylvania utility customer got the shock of her life after checking on her monthly electric bill and seeing that she owed $284 billion.

Mary Horomanski received an electric bill for more than $284 billion.

The Erie Times-News reports that Mary Horomanski said her eyes "just about popped out" of her head when she saw the amount.

A woman in Erie, Pennsylvania, actually thought that was the case when she went online earlier this month to check her bill.

She was told she had until November 2018 to pay the entire amount. Naturally, she blamed her Christmas lights.

Horomanski, suspecting that something was off with her bill, sent a text message to her son to contact the electric company about the issue.

A spokesman for Penelec's parent company First Energy addressed the incorrect bill situation, suggesting that a decimal point must have been accidentally moved.

"We appreciate the customer's willingness to reach out to us about the mistake", Durbin continued.

It all ends well, as Penelec confirmed that the statement, amounting to $284,460,000,000, was an error on their part.

But until the error was figured out, Horomanski wondered if maybe her family was at fault.

Ms Horomanski says the bill gave her such a fright she asked her son for a different present for Christmas this year.

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