Ole Miss gets 2-year bowl ban, other penalties in NCAA case

Reports: NCAA smacks Ole Miss with additional postseason ban, more scholarship cuts

Ole Miss to appeal sanctions levied by NCAA

The seemingly never-ending investigation by the NCAA into Ole Miss athletics is finally over - and the football program took the brunt of the penalties.

They will have a four-year probation, with two left to serve, on top of what they have already been serving during the investigation.

The NCAA released its long-awaited ruling on alleged violations in the Ole Miss football program this morning. He might face a suspension or show-cause from the NCAA, which would require any school wanting to hire him to appear before the infractions committee. That could lead other programs to make a run on Ole Miss' roster, and it also might contribute to players deciding to leave school for the NFL.

Reports: NCAA smacks Ole Miss with additional postseason ban, more scholarship cuts
Report: Shea Patterson granted permission to seek transfer from Ole Miss, Michigan a possibility

They will have an addition one year bowl ban, in addition to the self-imposed one they are now serving, meaning no bowl games until 2019.

Former Rebel head coach Hugh Freeze did not receive a show-cause penalty. The day after topping rival Mississippi State 31-28 in Starkville, Luke had the interim tag removed, and the former Ole Miss offensive lineman is now on the job on a full-time basis. This restriction ends on November 30 2018, and would not affect my ability as a head coach to recruit prospective student-athletes; to participate in preseason coaching activities, including spring or fall practice; or to coach any non-conference games. While I am disappointed that the COI found that I violated the NCAA's head coach responsibilities bylaw in any way, I am relieved to have a final decision. The team also agreed to forfeit their share of SEC postseason revenues for this coming season. An assistant coach and operations coordinator also acted unethically when they arranged the fraudulent ACT scores and arranged for a booster to provide housing and transportation to five prospects while they completed the necessary academic work to become eligible for competition. Freeze resigned before the 2017 season when it was revealed he had made calls to an escort service. That resulted in a second Notice of Allegations that dealt with recruiting violations that were unrelated to Tunsil but discovered due to the Tunsil incident extending the inquiry.

According to the Ledger, the committee will deliver a decision at 9:30 a.m. ET - 11 weeks after the program underwent an NCAA hearing in mid-September.

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