Ninja Batman trailer officially drops, it's awesome

Screengrab via ワーナー ブラザース 公式チャンネル/YouTube

Screengrab via ワーナー ブラザース 公式チャンネル/YouTube

This new Japanese language trailer for Batman: Ninja lives up to its name, transporting Batman and his most iconic allies and enemies to fuedal Japan for an anime-feuled animated film. Director Jumpei Mizusaki has described Batman Ninja as a film meant to show the world how Japan sees Batman and not one about how Batman (and Bruce Wayne) see Japan.

The idea of seeing how Batman would operate as a stealthy assassin in feudal Japan intrigues enough on its own-but we weren't counting on the movie looking as bugnuts insane as its first trailer appears to be. As the title suggests, it's a glorious mash-up of wild samurai action and classic Batman characters.

The full-length feature is a collaboration between Warner Bros. Plot is this: Batman, his friends and several of his villains have been transported to medieval Japan.

Here's the teaser poster for Batman Ninja, showing the familiar sight of a mid-air Batman, only decked out in his ninja gear and ready to wreak havoc amongst the criminals and general ne'er-do-wells that dare to deal out injustices in his version of feudal Japan. I've only watched this trailer three times, but it's probably the best use of the jarring and uncanny aesthetic of 3-D anime style that I've ever seen.

Arriving next year on Blu-ray and DVD, Batman Ninja is only the latest foray into anime by the Dark Knight, following 2008's direct-to-video Batman: Gotham Knight, which bridged the gap between Batman Begins and The Dark Knight with a series of anime shorts, each produced by a different studio.

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