MTU grad students join walkout

Students are staging sit-in in front of the administration block and raising slogans

Students are staging sit-in in front of the administration block and raising slogans

Price said Duke officials are working to protect Duke students, staff and faculty from additional tax pain.

Reed Larson, chair, Council of Alberta University Students, said students are thrilled to see that the government has heard them and ensured that post-secondary education remains affordable and accessible.

The Rutgers Union estimates that this would see an average of $3,000 in yearly University student taxes, with an upward of $10,000 at other schools where tuition is higher, Baker said. If passed, the Senate versions would be reconciled with the House bill for a final vote in both chambers.

The proposal would impact graduate students heavily as many are living on modest stipends.

A few dozen graduate students at Brown University participated in a nationwide walkout Wednesday to protest the Republican tax plan making its way through Congress.

A student association is cautiously applauding the Alberta government's decision to freeze tuition for the 2018-19 school year. She said her taxes stand to potentially triple if the graduate tax deduction is eliminated.

MTU grad students join walkout
MTU grad students join walkout

At the University of Minnesota, hundreds of graduate students marched on campus, warning that the plan would "create a crisis in graduate education", local TV station Fox 9 reported.

In retaliation to the proposal, grad students in California banded together with academics from across the state - and even across the country this Wednesday, which saw many students and educators walked out of classes in protest.

"This legislation, taken in its entirety, would discourage participation in postsecondary education, make college more expensive for those who do enroll, and undermine the financial stability of public and private, two-year and four-year colleges and universities", ACE President Ted Mitchell wrote. But as most students now know from their newsfeeds and social media networks, the elimination of tuition waivers under the House (but not the Senate) version of the plan, resulting in the treatment of these funds as taxable income, may be the most alarming adjustment. However, it is now not part of the bill under consideration in the U.S. Senate.

Those forced to take out student loans to cover higher tax bills would suffer a double whammy if another change in the House bill also made it into law. Burr and Tillis and thanking them for keeping the stipend tax out of the bill and ask them to keep it out of the final bill.

Duke is concerned about all of the provisions affecting higher education in the House bill, but Simmons said the priority is protecting graduate stipends and the tuition assistance programs.

This provision will not be included in the senate's tax plan that's being debated now. "If that funding is used to pay for tax cuts, this will have implications for higher education spending in the future".

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