JetBlue Plane Slides Off the Taxiway After Hitting Ice Patch on Landing

A Jet Blue A320 is parked at Brookley Field after a ground breaking ceremony for an assembly line for the Airbus A320 at Brookley Aeroplex in Mobile

US Jet Slides Off Taxiway at Boston Airport AFP 2017 Matthew Hinton

Officials say JetBlue Flight 50 from Savannah, Georgia, briefly skidded when it landed on Monday at 7:15 p.m., the Associated Press reported.

According to ABC News, an audio transcript revealed one of the pilots had told air traffic controllers, "Everything's fine. We just skidded on the ice".

Corbett says, despite the terror people felt as they plane slid off the pavement, everyone stayed calm. Passengers applauded the pilot after the plane came to a stop. Passengers were jostled, but none were hurt.

Firefighters loaded passengers into buses which took them back to the airport terminal after the spin.

MA transit officials told CBS Boston on Monday that airport crews were unable to keep up with the snow as it fell early this morning. But the runways were later cleared for operations to continue as normal.

Shortly after 11:30 a.m., crews at Logan were able to dig out and things were able to get moving again.

The airport was not the only area affected by heavy snowfall on Christmas.

"Once I realized we were going off the runway, I was like, 'uh-oh, '" said Terri Given, from Savannah.

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