Husband, 83, wife, 80, wanted to give weed as Christmas gifts

Elderly Couple Caught With $336,000 Worth of Marijuana That Was 'For Christmas Presents&apos

Elderly couple caught with 27kg of weed they planned to give away for Christmas

They told police in Nebraska, where they were detained about midway through their trip, that the approximately $336,000 worth of marijuana was intended as Christmas presents, the newspaper said. When officers made the stop it turns out they had about $300,000 in raw marijuana located in their pick-up truck. Patrick Jiron then admitted there was "contraband" in the auto, the sheriff's department said, and allowed the deputies to search the truck.

"They said the marijuana was for Christmas presents", Lt. Paul Vrbka of York County Sheriff's Department told the York News-Times.

In the truck were 60 pounds of marijuana with an estimated street value of more than $300,000.

Officers quickly realised the elderly couple were carrying more weed than a mid-level drug dealer after the pungent smell from their auto gave the game away.

NPR reports that the county's canine unit searched the couple's Toyota Tacoma and found the bags of weed under the pickup topper, as well as several containers of concentrated THC (the chemical compound found in cannabis that results in a high).

On Thursday, the News-Times reported that Patrick was jailed on charges of possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver without a drug tax stamp. Her husband Patrick was released shortly after he posted 10 per cent of his US$100,000 bond.

An elderly American couple's Christmas plans went up in smoke after they were caught by police with a giant stash of marijuana, which they said they planned to give as gifts.

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