Holm looks to dominate Cyborg in the octagon

Holm looks to dominate Cyborg in the octagon

Holm looks to dominate Cyborg in the octagon

The betting odds favor Cyborg to successfully defend her title, which she won by defeating Tonya Evinger at UFC 214. The champ is 18-1 as a pro, suffering her only loss in her first-ever fight almost 13 years ago.

In the main event, a fight that could well be the biggest in the history of women's MMA takes place as the former bantamweight champ Holly Holm moves up 10lbs to take on the seemingly unstoppable Cristiane Justino. The famous Ronda Rousey head kick is played before every UFC event and in every Holm fight promo. "I think she would have to catch her and knock her out like she did Ronda Rousey", he said.

Holm, as an out-and-out kickboxer, is miles ahead of anyone that Cyborg has faced to date in terms of technique and skill, so despite her deficit in physical prowess, it will be very interesting to see how the smaller fighter will deal with the undeniable power that her adversary will bring to the table when the octagon doors close. "I don't quite see her like that, you know". This is a new fight, this is a new opponent and a totally different style and a totally different challenge. I think it's the best women's fight ever because Cyborg and Holly Holm are both great athletes and they fight stand-up and they can fight on the ground as well.

Cyborg is unbeaten in three UFC fights, continuing the dominance she's shown throughout her career. While Cyborg has never submitted an opponent in her career, she is very capable of doing so. She lost three straight fights, including her only 135-pound title defense and the inaugural women's featherweight championship fight.

Holm's ground game was exposed to an extent against Miesha Tate back in 2016 at UFC 196, when she was sent unconscious in the fifth round via a rear-naked choke.

The fighters of the matchups then come face-to-face on stage.

Nurmagomedov is mounting another comeback after a layoff of more than a year. On the other side of the cage is Cris Cyborg who has been annihilating fellow female combatants with her ridiculous striking power, unknowingly hiding her Brazilian jiu jitsu black belt ability in the process.

Cyborg will retain her featherweight title and solidify her reputation as the most risky woman on the plant while Holm drops to 4-4 in the UFC, with real questions surrounding her legacy as a mixed martial artist.

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