Google Shuts Down Chrome Apps From Web Store, Moves to PWAs

Image Google

Image Google

As announced earlier Search Engine Giant Google has shut down the Chrome Apps web Store all platforms.

Users who have Chrome OS laptops won't have to worry since they will still continue to have access to Chrome apps for the foreseeable future, according to Engadget.

Currently, users can still install apps by opening the direct link. Users won't be required to install any subsidiary tool for remote access except for the Chrome extension. Google also said that it would eliminate the complete functionality in the Q1 2018 probably after the launch of PWA. You might have already seen some of these on your mobile device: they're sites that get a full-screen immersive interface, push notifications, and an icon on your home screen.

PWA is the acronym of Progressive Web Apps. And folks just using Chrome to surf the web will still be able to download extensions and themes. Google hasn't announced anything yet for Chrome OS, but it's likely that Chrome apps might go away, too.

Google will be looking towards Progressive Web Apps instead. Chrome Apps came in two varieties: "packaged apps" and "hosted apps". PWAs use the modern web capabilities to deliver an app-like experience to the web or desktop users.

Another great thing about Progressive Web Apps is that it's not exclusive to Google's Chrome web browser because it uses all existing W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards.

This concept is already working on Android - via the Samsung browser, Firefox and Opera.

In order to enable a more seamless transition from Chrome Apps to the web, Chrome will not fully remove support for Chrome Apps on Windows, Mac or Linux until after Desktop PWA installability becomes available in 2018.

With this new web portal, users will be required to login to and connect remote devices.

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