Google pulling YouTube from Echo Show and Fire TV

Instead, they are jockeying to position their gadgets and, by extension, their digital services into homes as internet-connected appliances and devices become more deeply ingrained in people's lives.

Google has been complaining about how Amazon displays YouTube on the Echo Show product and has now taken the step to restrict users access to the video channel. And yesterday afternoon, Google once again pulled YouTube from the Amazon Echo Show by blocking the device from showing the web version of the app.

The companies had clashed in September over the way Amazon used YouTube on its Echo Show - which Google claimed violated its terms of service. What Google was referring to was Amazon's decision not to offer two features on the Echo Show's version of YouTube that are available everywhere else.

Google and Amazon are in the middle of a very public fight where neither is the victor, but consumers are the real losers. YouTube was restored, and users breathed a sigh of relief. Amazon also doesn't make its Prime Video service available for Google Cast.

You'll still have ways to watch YouTube service if it disappears from Amazon's Fire TV streaming device. "We hope to be able to reach an agreement and resolve these issues soon". Otherwise, millions of angry customers will be left without access to YouTube through no fault of their own.

The dispute between Amazon and Google mirrors the face-offs that occasionally crop up between pay-TV providers and TV networks when it comes time to re-negotiate their deals.

In response, Amazon said Google had set a "disappointing precedent". And now, Fire TV stick will lose YouTube support on January 1st, according to Engadget. Both of them are fighting hard to gain advantage in video and voice assistants. This shows that Google wants to impose its own rules on how YouTube is rendered on Amazon's devices, but that doesn't seem to imply that Google is seeking control. Not all of them will play video from Amazon - though Apple TV just got Amazon's app Wednesday.

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