GM Adds Ecommerce To The Dashboard

GM Marketplace in the dashboard

GM Marketplace in the dashboard

Marketplace will reportedly feature a "Shop" tab that will allow users to but WiFi data, and special discounts for GM customers like oil changes and vehicle accessories.

GM Director of Global Digital Experience & Connected Vehicles John McFarland explained why the carmaker chose to build an in-vehicle e-commerce platform and he said, "We believe in doing everything we can to make it available while making it safe while in motion".

Such services are expected to become even more popular going into the next decade as the industry begins rolling out the first autonomous and fully driverless vehicles.

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National Safety Council President Deborah Hersman says the app will contribute to distracted driving, already a factor in a quarter of all vehicle crashes and hurt efforts to stem rising auto fatalities, which grew 5.6 percent to more than 37,000 in the USA a year ago.

To access the Marketplace, a motorist will simply tap on new icons added to the touchscreens in those vehicles, alongside more familiar features, such as a vehicle's audio or navigation systems.

Marketplace is created to be used while driving.

To allow merchants to efficiently and quickly integrate their content as part of the in-vehicle Marketplace ecosystem, General Motors is working with three main platform partners: Xevo ( in Seattle, Washington; Conversable ( in Austin, Texas; and Sionic Mobile ( in Atlanta, Georgia.

For brands, omni-channel conversational intelligence, from the connected auto to in-app messaging, allows for an integrated digital strategy that reaches customers wherever they are.

TGI Fridays: The Dallas-based casual-dining chain lets customers reserve a table.

GM says no customer data will be shared with vendors without the customer's consent.

In addition to being able to order food and coffee, GM drivers will also be able to find nearby gas stations and make restaurant reservations as well, a press release said.

-, allowing online ordering from favorite restaurants, grocery stores and other vendors. Customers can "expect to see more service promotions coming through the platform", Chamorro said. GM itself will offer a "Shop" function for drivers, too. At the time, GM said the feature would debut in vehicles in early 2017.

GM spokesperson Vijay Iyer told Bloomberg the goal with the app is to be a safer alternative to using phones for in-car purchasing, since we as a society have become a slave to the brands and must feed our credit-card numbers into some random touchscreen at all times.

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