Dentists Have a Theory Why Trump Was Slurring Through His Jerusalem Speech

"God bless the Unatted Steths" Trump said Wednesday

During Trump's major speech on Wednesday announcing that the US would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the president appeared to start slurring his words, leading many online to speculate what could be the causing the impairment.

In the U.S. president's address announcing the country would recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital, Mr Trump seemed to over-emphasise the "s" an "th" sounds.

"Thank you, God bless you, God bless Israel, God bless the Palestinians, and God bless the United States", Trump said at the end of his speech, with Twitterverse pointing out that he mispronounced "States".

"There were a lot of questions on that - frankly, pretty ridiculous questions", Sanders told reporters at the White House press briefing.

Shah, pressed on the health concerns, dismissed suggestions the slurring signaled a deeper problem. "I'm saying there's nothing to it".

Noah speculated Trump was wearing dentures.

"Aside from the constant sniffing, there was something seriously wrong with Trump's speech and mouth during that #Jerusalem announcement".

Why is Trump slurring his speech?

"As disturbing as it was today to watch Donald Trump add fuel to the Middle East conflict, it was even more disturbing to watch the conflict between Donald Trump's teeth and his tongue", "The Daily Show" host said.

"It seemed like someone hit him with a blow dart just before he went out to make the speech". "You could call it slurring or just a little bit of difficulty forming the words".

"By the way, there's no shame in having dentures", Noah said. "His dentures started falling out and he wouldn't be able to finish a sentence".

"He managed to get every word in the speech right, except the last one", Colbert said. We don't know what's going on, but this is a legitimate issue worthy of consideration. "I really enjoy doing it", Trump said.

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