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A judge in Ireland ripped into Conor McGregor on Thursday for his "disrespect to the court" after the famous fighter showed up tardy to pay a speeding ticket. McGregor kept his head down, and quickly got in his auto.

Asked why, he span on his seat in the witness box before saying he had no explanation.

McGregor was recorded by gardaí driving at 158km/h on the N7 Naas Road at Rathcoole, Co Dublin, on March 31....

The sportsman, who claimed he earned £125million for one fight, has been given two months to pay the bill.

However, after the case was previously adjourned on the sixth and 23rd of November due to the sports star failing to appear, McGregor was a no-show once again on Thursday morning with Judge Miriam Walsh firing out a severe warning as a result.

When asked by a reporter about the claims he's a wanted man, McGregor responded with, "Come and get me".

McGregor is at the centre of a reported feud with gangsters. Pic AAP
McGregor is at the centre of a reported feud with gangsters. Pic AAP

The District Court judge pointed out this was the third time McGregor had failed to turn up in court - and that she was not prepared to tolerate any further "disrespect".

But the judge wasn't going to let him off lightly, adding: "That's not it". He has to be here and I've said that from the get-go, from the very first day'.

Solicitor Graham Kenny said McGregor was pleading guilty. You can tell him there will be a bench warrant coming in his direction if he's not here'.

Mr Kenny said he would call McGregor at once. This is simply a speeding matter'. McGregor posted a number of photos on social media site Instagram following the appearance, one featuring a snap of the high powered BMW sports vehicle he showed up to court in, with the hashtag #relaxjudge.

He was wearing a matching pair of green Adidas jogging bottoms and sweatshirt along with white trainers.

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