Apple Pay Cash: Everything You Need To Know

New pop-ups that will be seen with the iOS 11.2 update for disabling Wi-Fi Bluetooth

New pop-ups that will be seen with the iOS 11.2 update for disabling Wi-Fi Bluetooth

Apple Pay Cash was not usable because the company had not yet activated it. Apple Pay Cash is now officially available in the United States and available for all iPhone and iPad owners running iOS 11.2 on their devices. Apart from that, the update brings a host of new features for the users.

Some iPhone users woke up this weekend to continuously crashing iPhones, iPads, and other iDevices, and Apple has pushed out its iOS 11.2 software update early to fix this and numerous other issues.

So how does Apple Pay Cash work? However, you can send payments using the service via an iPhone, iPad, or an Apple Watch.

Apple Pay Cash appears in the release notes of this version, but it does not appear to be enabled yet. After that, tap the Apple Pay icon.

Do you think you'll make use of Apps Pay Cash? When it's done, you'll spot an Apple Pay Cash card in Wallet that you can access and use.

You also need to verify your identity.

In addition to fixing the date bug, iOS 11.2 starts the rollout of Apple Pay Cash.

If you are stocking your Apple Pay Cash card with funds from a current debit account, there are no fees. Hopefully, it'll become more widely available in the coming days, just in time for the holidays. You'll also need to select if you'd like to send or request the amount chosen. But Apple Pay Cash is different.

Users can also just simply ask Siri to send someone money which is very convenient.

No more excuses for that "friend" who doesn't carry cash. Money that you receive is routed to your Pay Cash card, which you can either use for purchases wherever it's supported, or you can transfer it to a connected bank account. You can then choose what you want to do with the money once it is received. Cash app users can save the money they receive in the app, or deposit it directly to their bank account.

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