Woman, 26, pleads guilty to incest for marrying her biological mother

Authorities said Patricia Spann told investigators she had lost custody of her daughter and two sons who were adopted and raised by their paternal grandmother

Woman, 26, pleads guilty to incest for marrying her biological mother

An Oklahoma woman who was arrested for incest after marrying her biological mother received a deferred sentence.

A district judge ordered a deferred sentence of 10 years for Misty Velvet Dawn Spann, 26, stating that she must be under the supervision of the Oklahoma Department of Corrections for at least two years of her total sentence.

Her mother, 44-year-old Patricia Spann, has pleaded not guilty to incest.

Previously, Patricia Spann married her own son.

Court records show the marriage was annulled last month at the request of Misty Spann on the grounds of fraud and illegality. The blood relatives married in Comanche County, after filing their license application in March 2016.

Misty and Patricia were also trying to adopt a child, and they thought tying the knot might help that process, he added.

In Oklahoma, incest is a felony, and, if convicted, is punishable up to 10 years in prison.

The 44-year-old also got married to her son in 2008 in Comanche County, however he filed for an annulment after 15 months. Patricia told officers about her history with her children as well as her current relationship, not realising what she was saying was incriminating.

Patricia Spann told investigators that she lost custody of her three children, but reconnected with them in 2014.

Patricia Spann said that she didn't think the nuptials broke any laws because she was no longer listed as a parent on her daughter's birth certificate.

Patrica Spann is set to appear in court in January, 2018. She reportedly said her mother assured her she had received legal advice that indicated it was not a crime for them to Wednesday.

"Why she chose her daughter, I'm not sure", Smith said.

Misty and Jody's brother Cody Spann told KSWO that his mother manipulated both his sister and brother into marriage. Was she an adult?

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