WhatsApp update allows Apple iPhone users to play YouTube videos

WhatsApp update for iPhones allows users to watch You Tube videos in app during chats

WhatsApp may add some new features in the app for iOS

Apart from this, the other feature that's being rolled out with this update is Locked Voice Recordings - something that we talked about more than a week ago.

According to Twitter account @WABetaInfo, the new feature will be ready tonight on iOS. On upgrading out iPhone to the latest version, we didn't get the feature yet. This feature on the YouTube Go app is possible with a combination of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Direct, similar to the Google's Files Go app (whose beta version was also accidentally released). However, Android has finally caught up and it made things easier for them.

The App Store description further read, "Want to easily record long Voice Messages?" WhatsApp has over 200 million monthly active users in India and 1.2 billion users worldwide.

Previously, when users click on the link shared in chat, the video will open in the YouTube app that is installed on the device. Besides, phones that have limited RAM and older processors may not be powerful enough to handle multiple actions at once and will painfully slow down annoying most users to the core. Well, what that means is that whenever you receive a link to YouTube video in WhatsApp chat, you will be able to watch that video in a small, rectangular window while also being able to navigate and reply across other chats in the app. The YouTube feature comes with the Picture-in-Picture mode. Until now they had to press and hold the record button to send a message. The updated version of the application was first spotted by a WhatsApp news website, the WABetaInfo. The app has been programmed to provide a smooth experience for watching videos and is said to use very little data so you don't end up waiting for the YouTube Go videos to buffer all the time. Apparently, the rollout of the new feature in the WhatsApp update will be a great boon to the users.

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