Whatsapp Outage: Facebook Investigates Second Breakdown In 3 Months

WhatsApp is down for users in India and around the globe

WhatsApp back up after brief outage

Well, you were not the only one to experience this.

"Users in countries ranging from Brazil and Russian Federation to Vietnam and Myanmar reported that the messenger service was down, while in India "#Whatsappdown" became the top trending item on Twitter. India is the biggest market of WhatsApp with over 200 million users.

WhatsApp is down in many countries.

Popular messaging app WhatsApp messenger is down which has forced its billions of users to switch from other forms of communication. The magazine quoted a WhatsApp spokesperson saying, "We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it". The extent of the outage was not immediately known, and Facebook was not immediately reachable for a comment. It is worth mentioning here that Whatsapp has 1.3 billion monthly active users. Earlier, most outages were only regional in scale. whereas this time it affected the user globally.

But not everyone today noticed the outage due to how quickly it was resolved. In some regions, the problem was resolved in 30 minutes.

WhatsApp later confirmed that they faced a shutdown and are working on it. Later on, Whatsapp users started making trolls, out of the situation, on Twitter.

WhatsApp did not give Sky News a statement regarding the cause of the incident, which lasted close to an hour.

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