Watch Dogs Available for Free on Uplay Right Now!

The game came out 3 years ago and was well received by critics.

Ubisoft's open world cyberpunk adventure Watch Dogs is available for free on Uplay beginning tomorrow, and if you've never played it, it's worth trying out, especially if you picked up and enjoyed Watch Dogs 2, ever the better game by far.

The offer runs from 4pm on November 7th until 4pm on November 13th.

Watch Dogs is a Grand Theft Auto inspired game that sees our character running around a Chicago and using your hacking abilities to a multitude of cool things. There is just one proviso; you need to have a UPlay account and sign in to claim the game and download it. Going in, knowing that it wasn't GTA and that Aiden wasn't someone for me to relate to helped me play the game as a stealthy tech-ninja, eschewing combat in favour of sabotage.

While Watch Dogs wasn't the popular smash hit Ubisoft were hoping for it did have a sequel released that released to a much more positive critical reception. That gives you a whole week to add the game to your virtual library.

Watch Dogs released on 27 May 2014. Act fast though because you only have until November 13 to get it.

"While it is true that Watch Dogs is not a revolutionary enhancement of gameplay, graphics and online integration as what we were led to believe, if the players are able to look past the exaggerated promises of the past, they might realize that the game is still an extremely well-made piece of entertainment". To launch, open the Uplay app (or install it first, if you haven't already done so for another Uplay game), and download it through there.

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