There's now a free version of Microsoft Office just for Chromebooks

Microsoft Office Android apps now available on all Chromebooks

Microsoft finally brings full Office support to all Chromebooks

All devices can now download the Microsoft Office applications from the Google Play Store, no matter who manufactured the device.

The apps' arrival is not too surprising, though, as Microsoft had said previous year it would make full Android versions of Microsoft Office apps available to all compatible devices when the Google Play Store for Chromebooks exited beta. Some Chromebooks have worked flawlessly with Office apps for over a year.

This is for most Google Chromebooks released in the past couple of years - beyond that and we're getting into "Android apps wont ever work here" territory. Chrome Unboxed reports that the apps are now available in Samsung's Chromebook Pro, Acer's Chromebook 15 and Acer's C771. These versions of the Microsoft Office apps require a subscription to Office 365, and those without said subscription will only be able to use these apps to view files.

Although there's been no official word from either party, Chrome Unboxed has been tinkering with the various offerings and it appears that they are all now working as they should. A more affordable notebook will raise the number of sales, and this will help the company to get a good startup among the industry.

Of course, Chromebook users haven't been completely devoid of productivity apps until now. Now the most commonly used document app suite of all time makes for a Chrome OS environment to be reckoned with.

"We checked every Chrome OS device we have and can confirm they all show every Office app in the Play Store ready for download". Having Office available as an on-device app could convince Chromebook education users to stick with the Microsoft software after they move away from Windows. Anything larger than 10.1-inches and the subscription fee kicks in.

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