The Cavs Took the NYC Subway Today and Not Everyone Was Pleased

Dennis Smith Jr

Kristaps Porzingis defends rookie Frank Ntilikina after remarks from LeBron James

NY created breathing room two separate times in this contest. "Can you not?" Angelo said.

The comedian and real estate agent has explained to USA TODAY his side of the viral video in which he balked at the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar's attempt at filming him Monday during their ride on the New York City subway.

Of course, it didn't take long for fans to take note of Vecsey jumping out there loud and incorrect, prompting many to wonder why a white man in his middle 70's would even go there considering the climates he grew up in and the pulse of race relations in the world now.

James and Ntilikina each received technical fouls for their roles in the first-quarter shoving match.

"I noticed a bunch of tall guys getting in the train, but I was listening to U2 and I didn't want to be filmed", Angelo told FTW.

In a amusing video Angelo posted later to Twitter, he joked that he wanted to be referred to as "Can You Not?" from now on. "I had no idea who LeBron James was because I don't watch football", he declared before being corrected by someone off-camera.

"I don't care what you call yourself". Once again, NY delivered what seemed to be a finishing blow with another 18-2 run that pushed its advantage to 71-49 late in the third frame. Less than a minute later, James delivered a step-back 27-foot 3-pointer to shift the lead to the Cavaliers and they never looked back in the 104-101 win.

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