Taylor Swift's new song 'Call It What You Want' has arrived

Yikes The image was scary and Ripa seemed to really sink her teeth into

Yikes The image was scary and Ripa seemed to really sink her teeth into

"You can literally hear Taylor Swift blushing like a smitten kitten as she sings #CallItWhatYouWant to the love of her life", Twitter user Alex Goldschmidt wrote, referencing Swift's boyfriend Joe Alwyn. The singer dropped a new single, "Call It What You Want" at midnight, less than a day after she first teased it on social media. Yes, among all the "I Heart TS" crop tops, snake rings, and "Rep Rep Rep" sweatshirts is a scarlet cropped turtleneck sweater with a V-shaped cutout on the front, below the high neck, which has a black and white patch attached with "Rep" written in her go-to newspaper-y font. She has also been working alongside Max Martin and Shellback, who produced the other songs she's released from the album: "Gorgeous" and '.Ready for It?'.

"Gorgeous" has fared slightly better - it's sitting at #9 at the time of writing. "But would you run away with me?", read one post, followed by a simple response, "Yes". "My castle crumbled overnight", she opens the song. "Ready For It?" Now, Swift's new song "Call it What You Want" is here, and obviously we can't stop listening to it. "I brought a knife to a gunfight, they took the crown but it's alright".

The 27-year-old will be performing on Saturday Night Live on November 11, which is a day after the release of the new album.

If you're a massive Tay Tay fan you're going to freak out - because she is set to play here next year.

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