Substitute Phone might help you break your smartphone addiction; here's how

Substitue Phone

The Substitute Phone is designed to help smartphone addicts cope in their absence

To help them overcome this form of addiction, an Austrian designer made a decision to come up with a "Substitute Phone".

The Substitute Phone is supposed to help those overly attached to their phones to "stop this "checking" behavior", Schillinger told Dezeen.

"The object, which some of us describe as a prosthesis, is reduced to nothing but the motions", explains Schillinger's description of the... object.

By replacing the digital functions with the stone beads, Schillinger aims to create a set of "therapeutic tools" that can help frequent smartphone users to cope with the addiction of smartphone.

But it could be a boon for people who really find their smartphone checking addiction to be a real pain rather than an opportunity to wonder at how we now have pretty powerful computers and communications devices that can fit into an average sized hand. Users can simulate scrolling, pinching, and swiping on what essentially amounts to rectangular pieces of black polyoxymethylene plastic.

Substitue Phone Beads
Subtitute Phone helps anxious smartphone addicts

The objects are meant to help with the "withdrawal symptoms" people experience when setting down their smartphones. People who are constantly using their mobile device are accessing what's behind the screen-the messages, the photos, the apps-not the screen itself. To put it in more simpler terms, the Substitute Phone, as they are called has a similar goal as fidget cubes and spinners.

"It was the same thing", he said, "but without the nicotine, just the physical stimulation".

The Substitute Phone is made out of a solid plastic slab that resembles the shape, dimensions, and weight of a standard smartphone. He continued: "Some of the movements (like the zoom-in finger movement) were born with the I thought it makes sense to replicate them in an analog way".

The first was the Offline Lamp, which only lights up if you put your smartphone away.

The negative effects of smartphones and smartphone apps have become a growing concern among many in the tech world.

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