Some iPhone X displays have 'nasty green line' problems

All of the aforementioned devices are not going to sport any bezels and will be taking design cues from the iPhone X. While their official model names will only be leaked in the future, this is going to be a terrific development if it turns out to be true.

The artist behind the iPhone X Plus concept image said that he based the increased proportions of the current iPhone X on the same ratio Apple used for the iPhone 8 Plus.

A second device will have a smaller 5.8-inch OLED while the third device has a 6.1-inch LCD.

That said, the company is still working on a software update that it hopes will tackle the issue altogether.

The iPhone X's popularity is likely tied as much to its new design as the extras inside the case, such as the camera, Animojis and selfie portrait mode. There hasn't been anything bad enough yet to spook investors - AAPL stock remains near record highs - but the iPhone X display may yet prove to be a problem that impacts sales.

Worse, it might even be permanent, some users have reported. Apple has not commented on that however, it is replacing the devices if you take it to your nearest Apple Store without asking any question. Having had my iPhone X for less than 24 hours, here are my first impressions of the phone that could very well usher in a new generation of mobile technology. Many users have shared their concern about this defect on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Apple official forums. The iPhone X is reportedly producing crackling sounds with all sorts of audio playback including phone calls, alarms and ringtones. The smartphone also offers a new all-glass unibody construction with wireless charging capability. He states that a lower than expected demand for the iPhone 8 means that the Apple supplier Pegatron, which assembles the device in Taiwan, should expect fewer orders.

Meanwhile other news reports claim that you can beat Apple's Face ID system by wearing an elaborate mask.

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