Scenes as McGregor jumps into cage at 3 Arena

Scenes as McGregor jumps into cage at 3 Arena

Scenes as McGregor jumps into cage at 3 Arena

Even after he exited the cage, McGregor wasn't done. On the bill was Charlie Ward, McGregor's teammate, taking on John Redmond.

The pair came face-to-face again and McGregor had a few choice words for the official.

McGregor then had to be restrained before he was escorted out and left the cage on his own. Goddard was referee for the fight and had to tell McGregor, who wasn't a licensed cornerman, to go back to his seat and stop shouting fight instructions to Lobov.

Naturally, emotions were running high which also included McGregor jumping inside the cage to celebrate.

The fact that McGregor was shoving officials trying to get at Goddard so much that he was doing so over a fighter that had just been stopped is particularly disrespectful and unacceptable from the UFC lightweight champion.

Conor McGregor created yet more controversy tonight at Bellator 187 in his hometown of Dublin.

Last month, Goddard issued McGregor a formal warning during a UFC Fight Night event in Gdansk, Poland.

One can expect McGregor (21-3) to face serious discipline for putting his hands on an official, which could jeopardize his return date, which UFC had hoped would be December 30 for the promotion's New Year's Eve weekend card in Las Vegas.

Over the past few weeks, McGregor has said that he's happy to return to the UFC for whatever fight they offer him after he's given co-promoter status as well seeking some sort of equity such as partial ownership in the company.

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