Samsung denied Supreme Court appeal for slide-to-unlock patent case

The current appeal stems from a May 2014 verdict by a jury in federal court in San Jose, California ordering Samsung to pay $119.6 million for using the Apple features without permission. The South Korea tech giant appealed, and the case made its way up through the court system.

Last March, Samsung petitioned the Supreme Court to take a final look at the case.

In a recent court ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favour of Apple and has asked Samsung to pay them more than $120 million in damages in the (in) famous "slide-to-unlock" patent infringement case that has been going on for almost a decade now. We're guessing that every court decision made in the future, as evidenced by history, will be appealed, so don't expect Apple vs. Samsung to settle down anytime soon.

The justices on Monday left in place rulings in favor of Apple involving its patents for smartphone features that include auto-correct and a slide that unlocks the device.

Samsung further added that Apple would unjustly profit from an invalid patent.

In the original jury decision handed down in May 2014 both Samsung and Apple were found to have infringed on each others' patents. The awards were overturned in February 2016 but 11 judges on the Federal Circuit in Washington, D.C. reinstated them in October 2016.

Samsung had paid for damages to Apple for infringing on two patents: the slide-to-unlock gesture and quick links patent. But it lost so the rest of the world's reality perception will now have to match Apples'.

Although 120 million Dollars sounds pretty impressive, it is just a fraction of the total USD 2 billion demanded by Apple's lawyers from Samsung for the infringement.

Samsung believed that the patent court judges violated procedure as they failed to consider oral arguments, hear additional evidence, wrongfully changed a law about invalidating patents, and erred in injunction awards.

Apple did not immediate respond to an AFP query on the decision.

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