Russian Federation posts videogame image as 'irrefutable proof' U.S. helps IS


Russian Federation posts videogame image as 'irrefutable proof' U.S. helps IS

The photographs were appended to social media posts from the ministry's official accounts posted on Tuesday morning, which accused the Americans of providing air cover for an Isis convoy with the aim of using Isis fighters to further U.S. interests.

"However, the US command's refusal to carry out strikes on the convoys of ISIL terrorists retreating from Albu Kamal on November 9 is an objective fact reflected in the transcripts of the talks and therefore, fully known to the USA side", Interfax news agency quoted the ministry as saying on Tuesday.

Another one is consistent with a slightly edited screengrab from a 2015 promotional video for a gunship simulator video game. The images were from the game AC-130 Gunship Simulator, available for iOS and Android.

The photographs have been deleted after the fact-checking organisation Conflict Intelligence Team (CIT) accused the ministry of using a video game screenshot and old conflict photographs.

In fact, it was taken from a 2015 promotional video showing AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron, a mobile game in which players fire at ground targets from a USA warplane.

The ministry's crop of the image even contained parts of the disclaimer text in the top right-hand corner, presumably left by the developer, which read: "Development footage". After the images were called out by sharp-eyed readers on social media the Ministry of Defense immediately began taking the posts down. This is a work in progress.

The nation's Ministry of Defense tweeted a series of what appears to be drone combat images in an attempt to claim that the United States working with ISIS in Syria.

Hours later, the ministry published an updated statement with a different set of images, which it also said proved their claims.

The ministry said US-led coalition planes instead tried to impede Russian Aerospace Forces operations in the area.

A later press release said it had launched a probe into the actions of a civilian employee of one of its subdivisions who "mistakenly attached photos" to the first version of its statement.

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