Roy Moore trails in Senate poll after accusations of contact with teenagers

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Republican Roy Moore trails his Democratic opponent for the first time in polling for the Alabama Senate race, days after accusations surfaced that he had sexual contact with a 14-year-old girl nearly four decades ago.

He suggested that Republicans "should consider a write-in" candidate for the Alabama Senate race but said there's "no easy solution". I think they have a political agenda, ' he said.

The former Alabama Supreme Court Judge did say, however, that "after my return from the military, I dated a lot of young ladies" during a recent interview with Sean Hannity.

Last night's episode of Saturday Night Live tackled the week's endless stream of sexual assault allegations, shooting barbs at the likes of Roy Moore, Louis C.K.

"I have to say, I think the accusations have more credibility than the denial", Toomey said.

Moore faces Democrat Doug Jones, 63, a former US attorney, in a special election on December 12 to fill the Senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, now the USA attorney general.

Moore is backed by Steve Bannon, Trump's former White House chief strategist whose expressed goal is to blow up the GOP establishment. The incidents were first reported by The Washington Post.

Asked if that would have been usual for him, Moore said, "Not generally, no". Kate McKinnon as Jeff Sessions! "The president and others in the Republican Party have made clear that if the allegations are true, this man should step aside".

During the primary, Trump joined Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and much of the GOP establishment in supporting Sen.

Over the weekend, more Republicans distanced themselves from Moore. On Saturday, Sen. Bob Corker of Tennessee tweeted that, "I'm sorry, but even before these reports surfaced, Roy Moore's nomination was a bridge too far".

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