PM Modi has own interpretation of a Bhagvad Gita saying: Rahul Gandhi

Union minister to highlight govternment's fight against black money

PM Modi has own interpretation of a Bhagvad Gita saying: Rahul Gandhi

He said, "This is not a political thing, this is not between the Congress and the BJP".

An old man captured on camera with tears trickling down his cheeks as he stood outside a State Bank of India branch in Gurgaon to withdraw money as a crowd watched had become the face of the pain many felt in the aftermath of the drastic decision announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on November 8 a year ago.

However, Modi is fanning communal hatred cashing in on the anger created by joblessness and lack of economic opportunity, Gandhi said.

Gandhi further slammed Centre's decision of swapping currency and said that his party stands with those who were hit by Prime Minister Modi's thoughtless act.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi alleged in an article in Financial Times on Wednesday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi's reforms such as demonetisation and the goods and services tax (GST) had "robbed" India of its economic prowess.

Misusing pictures for defaming something is not new to the Congress and this is what it has done to "defame" Gujarat.

The picture of the 80-year-old Nand Lal breaking down for not being able to withdraw his pension after waiting for hours at an SBI branch in Gurugram went viral last year.

Shah said the Congress had insulted six crore Gujaratis. Nand Lal has been a distinguished soldier of the Army.

The BJP, however, attacked Gandhi saying he was spreading lies as Nand Lal supports demonetisation.

Claiming that the BJP was heading for a landslide victory in a one-sided Himachal elections, he said that party would win two-thirds majority. "Rahul Gandhi should share that photo as well", he said. "But, 125 crore Indians know these carriers of fake news well and have time and again rejected their fake news and fake tears", he said.

Rahul's remarks came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said the Congress accepted defeat in Himachal Pradesh and will not return to power here in near future. Novermber 8th is the "barsi" (death anniversary) of note ban. Bureaucratic and complex, it had "devastated livelihoods, creating a modern day "Licence Raj", Gandhi wrote.

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