OnePlus 5T release date confirmed ahead of next week's launch event

OnePlus 5T

OnePlus 5T spotted on GFXBench, set to launch in New York

Well, the next one is right around the corner. India is officially set to receive the OnePlus 5T on November 28th, though a November 21st flash sale is also planned by the company, whereas the flagship's release in China is scheduled for December 1st. The keynote, available through livestream, will happen at 11am Eastern (8am Pacific / 4pm United Kingdom / 9:30pm India / November 17, 12am China). Starting November 8, for $40, the public can purchase tickets to the launch event; everyone else can watch through the livestream on November 16 at 11am ET / 5pm GMT. If you want to be there when it happens, you'll have the chance to buy a ticket to attend. I can't think of another company that sells tickets to a phone keynote. Aside from electronics enthusiasts, OnePlus still has a long way to go before it is as ubiquitous as Apple or Samsung. But that won't keep us from wanting to get closer to our fans in a more personal way. A couple of interesting factoids have surfaced today about the price of the OnePlus 5T and where OnePlus will announce the phone. There may be some major differences, like Samsung's AMOLED display technology to be used by the next OnePlus flagship. Some leaked photos have shown off a phone that looks much more like Samsung's latest hardware. This feature is flawless for users looking for the best viewing experience, not to mention that slimmer bezels have become a trend in the flagship devices of 2017. The front-facing capacitive buttons are expected to go in favor of more screen. The back camera, as revealed by the benchmark listing may come with two 16-megapixel sensors.

Pricing is also up in the air.

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