No shortage of trees at Caddo Christmas tree farm

Is this an attack on Christmas or gravity? You decide

Is this an attack on Christmas or gravity? You decide... whimn

Valued for their blue-green to silvery blue color, Colorado blue spruce has gained popularity as a Christmas tree. Each of these will also hold ornaments well.

"They can take their time; they don't have to be in a rush". Another drawback is that their needles are very sharp - this is not a good selection for homes with small children.

"You're making memories with us out here and go home with a Christmas tree".

Wisconsin has more than 365 licensed Christmas tree farms.

In earnest, Shumate took up tree farming in the 1990s after a four-year stint in the Air Force.

"[I love] just going out and picking out the tree that will be flawless for our house, and the kids being able to go play in the playground area", said Missy Trent of Middletown, who has been taking her family to Coleman's for the last 23 years.

Then a voice joined the noise of the saw: "Pull on the tree". So check that tree stand daily. Also, try not to damage the bark on the trunk too much. The tree stand should contain a continuous source of water and be sturdy enough to resist toppling by kids or pets.

To keep risks low, always do not forget to make sure lights are off when you're not there to take care of them.

Determine the size. You need to consider the clearance for a comfortable walkway in the room where the tree will be set up. Keep trees away from heat vents, fireplaces or drafts. "They're kind of the best", said Gabriel Maki, a tree and shrub manager at Swanson's Nursery in Ballard. This will reduce your after-holiday needle cleanup to practically nothing.

So what makes for a good Christmas tree when seen in the field among hundreds of others?

For those wanting to head into the country to find their tree, Sussex County has more than a score of tree farms with their own traditions and amenities, from hot chocolate around a campfire to Newfoundland dogs pulling carts laden with fresh-cut evergreens.

Lights of Love offers the opportunity to make a tangible act of remembrance for loved ones no longer with us by dedicating a star or heart with a personal message which is placed on a Lights of Love tree.

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