Malaysians injured in Singapore MRT train crash

Malaysians injured in Singapore MRT train crash

Malaysians injured in Singapore MRT train crash

Singapore's Land Transport Authority (LTA) deputy chief executive (infrastructure and development) Chua Chong Kheng said that a faulty signalling system on the MRT East-West Line had inadvertently removed a software protection feature on the first of two trains which had came to a halt at the Joo Koon MRT station in Jurong East.

A total of 517 passengers were reported to be on the train, which was travelling at 16km per hour when it knocked into a stationary train at the Joo Koon station on the East-West Line.

The software glitch arose when a faulty train was transiting between the old and new signalling systems, said LTA.

As of 6pm today, four of the new patients have been discharged while three are still being treated, the report said quoting a joint statement by the Land Transport Authority and SMRT Corporation.

"Given this finding, the LTA and SMRT have made a decision to isolate for up to one month the operations of the TWE, which runs on the new signalling system, from the rest of the East-West Line, which runs on the old signalling system", said LTA.

At Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH), there were five new walk-in cases. Two minutes earlier, a train heading towards the Tuas Link station stopped at Joo Koon station to allow the passengers to disembark, following an "anomaly in the train signalling system".

The remaining 11 sustained minor injuries of sprains and minor head injuries.

However, its services for other routes were not affected.

"I hope they can solve this problem before the one month and bring (service) back onstream", he said.

He said he saw another passenger in his 30s who was lying on the floor even when passengers around him stood up.

"A young lady fell on me, and my left knee hit the train floor hard". Six members and other seven managerial staff of SMRT's Building and Facilities Maintenance group were found responsible for the maintenance of the pump system, which was related to the incident, according to local media. "The driver said on the speaker system that help was on the way", said Ong.

Some passengers hit themselves against the railing in the train cabins while Ong himself was injured.

He said the injured man in his 30s was helped by three commuters, and put into a wheelchair was taken away on an ambulance.

"A while later, as I was in the first cabin, we heard some passengers knocking on the driver's door to tell the driver (that) there was someone injured".

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