Lord of the Rings series in early talks at Amazon

While The Lord of the Rings would certainly check all the Game of Thrones boxes when it comes to fantasy and adventure, it is also worth noting that the books aren't really known for being filled with the kind of sex-and-violence antics that HBO's show has become synonymous with. Television and the author's estate are now in talks with Amazon Studios to develop a series based on The Lord Of The Rings novels, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos reportedly being personally involved in the negotiations.

Another epic fantasy series could soon find itself a television home, as Amazon is reportedly eyeing a television adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien's fantasy series, "The Lord of the Rings". Television and the late author's estate, and while discussions are said to be in "very early stages", it is clearly a high priority, with Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos himself involved in the negotiations. No deal has been set.

As Deadline points out, its unusual that Warner Bros. and the Tolkien estate are working together after a lawsuit involving the use of Tolkien's characters on slot machines had them at odds for something like half a decade. This could very well be the big deal that Bezos has been searching for in his journey for cultural domination. And finally, it's a reminder that Amazon Studios is down some key personnel. Last month, there was a huge executive flush, with president Roy Price, head of scripted Joe Lewis, and head of unscripted Conrad Riggs all ousted from their positions. Price's departure came just days after he was suspended on the heels of a sexual harassment allegation made against him by a producer on the company's original series "The Man in the High Castle". He was then followed by Lewis and Riggs.

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That is just for the rights, before any costs for development, talent and production.

For those of you who somehow missed the global phenomenon of JRR Tolkien's series, both The Hobbit and The Lord of The Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring were adapted into animated films in 1977 and 1978, respectively.

How could a LOTR series compete with Jackson's masterfully crafted movies? The Hobbit trilogy suffered from this as well, with Jackson essentially forced to direct in an effort to replicate the original trilogy magic. And it remains to be seen if it will happen at all. Even if it goes wrong, it'll likely be a spectacle.

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