Kevin Spacey Removed from All the Money in the World

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Kevin Spacey Removed from All the Money in the World

All The Money In The World was originally set to premiere at the American Film Institute's film festival on 16 November, but the release was pushed back to 22 December after the allegations against Spacey surfaced.

USA actor Kevin Spacey is to be erased from a completed Hollywood film following the allegations of predatory sexual behaviour against him. And per THR, Plummer was actually Scott's first choice for the role of Getty, but Sony wanted a bigger name in the part. Spacey was set to play the the elder Getty, and the decision to reshoot his role entirely, especially so close to the film's release date, is extremely unprecedented. The film tells the story of J. Paul Getty's ordeal following his son's kidnapping. Regarding that decision, TriStar issued a statement, noting, "All the Money in the World is a superb film". When Getty Sr. refuses, Gail attempts to sway him as her son's captors become increasingly volatile and brutal.

Kevin Spacey apparently only worked for just ten days on the film, but key actors, including Mark Wahlberg, are reportedly needed to complete the reshoots.

The decision follows more sexual misconduct allegations against the Oscar-winner from a woman who says he touched her 18-year-old son in MA last year.

The actor has since been accused by more than dozen men of either sexually harassing or assaulting them.

"I want to make it clear: This was a criminal act", Unruh said.

Spacey, 58, did not immediately respond to the allegations.

The claims against Spacey span from the mid-1980s to a year ago.

Some people took to Twitter after the replacement following the onslaught of sexual assault allegations, claiming Spacey's career might be over.

USA network Netflix has axed further production of Mr Spacey's House of Cards drama, the International Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced it would no longer give the actor a special Emmy award, and his agent and publicist dropped him as a client.

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