IOS 11.2 Is Bringing Faster Wireless Charging

iPhone X iOS 11.1.1 gets jailbroken

iOS 11 update brings faster wireless charging

With the new software update iOS 11.2, Apple is planning to unlock faster wireless charging capabilities on the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus. Updating your phone isn't enough to boost your charging speed, however. However, it looks like Christmas has come early for those wanting faster Qi for their iPhone 8s and Xs.

The problem appears to be affecting all devices running iOS 11 when using the YouTube app. People are reporting that their device is running hot whilst using the app and also draining the battery, one user reported a battery drain of around 20 percent whilst using the app for 15 minutes. The charger, which is sold by Apple, supports charging at 7.5 watts and was able to charge the iPhone X from 46 to 66 percent in 30 minutes.

When it comes to Apple's latest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, it feels like in many respects, the company is catching up to features that have always been featured on Android devices. Smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8 all support the Qi 1.2 standard, which allows for 15W charging.

Faster charging is pretty much always a plus, especially when it comes to wireless charging. This means that you can go ahead and pick one of the many compatible charging mats out there to make use of this wireless technology.

iOS 11.2 is in public beta right now, and usually a full release isn't far behind.

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