In Australia, MPs to declare their citizenship

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rejected the proposition saying it was a matter for court

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has rejected the proposition saying it was a matter for court

Today's two-hour meeting failed to reach a deal, leaving Turnbull with little to say at his press conference, other than to declare that "There is no-one more Australian than Barnaby Joyce", whose father was born in New Zealand, thus giving him dual citizenship.

Alexander told Fairfax that he has never renounced a foreign citizenship before entering parliament, and can not definitively say that his father did prior to his birth.

The announcement comes days after Liberal senator Stephen Parry joined the growing ranks of federal politicians whose duand citizenship has rendered them ineligible to serve the parliament, according to section 44 of the constitution. I'm sorry, he's not a leader for this country.

The PM stressed that the requirement was not an audit, but it would simply provide a solution to the dual-citizenship problems which have plagued parliament over the past few months.

'The obligation is on each member and each senator to make a full disclosure'.

Last week, the Australian High Court found five parliamentarians were illegally elected a year ago, including the country's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, whose ineligibility has put the coalition government's one-seat majority in the Lower House under threat.

'I think it is important for people to be alert to this and start getting prepared'.

Shorten says all Labor members eligible to sit.

Mr Turnbull told reporters that the declaration system was not an audit which he had likened late last week to a "witch hunt".

The Australian Greens won't be supporting the plan.

The declaration will be made through the parliamentary register of members' and senators' interests.

All MPs and senators will have to lodge declarations that they were not foreign citizens at the time of nomination in a new disclosure measure announced by Malcolm Turnbull to staunch the disruption of the government caused by the citizenship eligibility crisis.

The prime minister's about-turn came as Tony Abbott called for the dual citizenship "circus" to end.

Opposition leader Bill Shorten has said Australia can not continue into the new year without resolving the dual-citizenship crisis afflicting parliament.

They must provide evidence of citizenship renunciation.

They will be required to provide information on the birth date, and place of birth, of their parents and documents proving they renounced the citizenship of any other country before running for office where necessary.

The High Court last month disqualified five lawmakers, including two government ministers, because they breached a 116-year-old constitutional ban on foreign citizens sitting in Parliament, creating an unprecedented political crisis.

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