How and where to watch the planetary event — Venus-Jupiter conjunction

Jupiter's southern hemisphere is shown in beautiful detail in this new image taken by NASA's Juno spacecraft. The color-enhanced view captures one of the white ovals in the

Venus-Jupiter conjunction is taking place Monday morning and it's going to be beautiful

Tomorrow, Jupiter and Venus will pair up in the sky, shining brightly together just before sunrise.

Venus and Jupiter will remain close to each other in the days leading up to and after the conjunction.

It is, however, not the first time this celestial event has occurred.

In a very rare treat for stargazers, the two planets will be passing each other which will be visible in the eastern sky about an hour before sunrise, staying low on the horizon.

Viewers in NY will see the Jupiter rise first at 5.26am, with Venus coming at 5.31am, according to

While Venus and Jupiter are 416 million miles apart, they will appear as if the two planets are orbiting the Sun side by side for a brief period.

As seen a year ago, the two planets will appear like a giant, bright ball of glob.

In the United Kingdom, the best viewing time will be 40 minutes before sunrise.

The press service of Roskosmos said that on the morning of 13 November, the Russians will be able to observe the convergence of Venus and Jupiter.

To see the bright planets you'll need to wake up early, at least an hour before dawn, Monday morning.

According to, Jupiter was largely invisible in September as it was too close to the sun's glare.

Since the event will be followed by the rising sun, viewers should protect their eyes and make sure never to stare directly at the sun through binoculars or a telescope. That is smaller than the diameter of the moon according to Earth Sky.

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