Hamas Says Arms Red Line, Calls for Establishing Committee to Oversee Reconciliation

Internal differences within Fatah over reconciliation with Hamas

Report: Hamas refuses Fatah's request to disarm, will continue terrorist activity from West Bank

During a press conference held by the Palestinian resistance movement in Gaza on Monday, Al-Haye stressed that the issue of the group's weapons is a red line, calling on other Palestinian sides to refrain from tackling the matter.

Iran is the top sponsor of the Palestinian division between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, Fatah Central Committee member Azzam al-Ahmad said on Monday.

The Egyptian delegation entered Gaza through the Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing as the Egyptian officials are expected to meet with Hamas officials and discuss the reconciliation process, including the steps that were taken to enable the Palestinian government to assume its responsibilities in Gaza.

Implementation of the Palestinian unity agreement has fallen behind schedule, as transfer of control of Gaza from Hamas to the Palestinian Authority remains largely theoretical as deadlines approach.

Palestinian media reports revealed that a ministerial delegation from the Palestinian government would come along with the Egyptian delegation and the Palestinian Cabinet would convene on Tuesday in Gaza.

While urging Fatah not to respond to any pressure or temptation from any party trying to obstruct the achievement of reconciliation, Hayya underlined the need to fully implement the Cairo Agreement, which was signed in 2011.

"The [PA] government until this moment, financially, administratively and security-wise, has not been set up [in Gaza] more than five percent", Palestinian Authority Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh said on Sunday.

Multiple previous reconciliation attempts between the Palestinian factions have failed.

The two factions agreed to allow the unity government to assume responsibility for all of Gaza's border crossings no later than November 1. Hamas, which seeks the destruction of Israel, has fought three wars with Israel since seizing power from Fatah in the enclave in 2007.

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