Google announces Files To Go, takes on ShareIt

Google announces Files To Go, takes on ShareIt

Google announces Files To Go, takes on ShareIt

Now Google is bringing a similar feature to Android with a new app called Files Go. People did, however, manage to take screenshots of the app. It recommends apps that aren't used often for removal, helps get rid of "spam and duplicate images" and helps users find everything on their phones by file type.

Otherwise, the file sharing feature is there, which is like Android's equivalent of Apples Air Drop: it works with a combination of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The app will not only help users with limited networking options but also facilitate them to free up space when their smartphone storage getting is low.

Users can browse through all of your phone's content by downloads, received files, images, videos, audio, and documents.

The search engine giant is now testing the app and is available for some users to download it from the Play Store. On this app the Files tab is nothing more than a file management tab. Google is currently running an early access program, which is currently full, so the majority of users can not download it right now.

Google has a history of working on apps and services for more rural, data-lacking locations around the globe, like its mobile wallet for users in India and a search-lite app for Indonesian folks.

As its name suggests, the Files Go app is appeared to be a part of the family that already has YouTube Go and Android Go as the two major solutions for emerging markets.

Let us know about your experience with the Files Go app in the comments below. You can select individual items or everything and hit the delete button at the bottom to free up storage. The app may be unstable for now as it is still under beta test.

Besides, the Files Go app lists all the apps that are unused on your device from the last four weeks. On November 5 a security analyst from Avast Antivirus tweeted a screenshot of what seemed to be icons of about 8 fraudulent Whatsapp versions on Google Play Store.

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