Gigi Hadid slams islamophobic tweet in the best possible way

Gigi Hadid slams islamophobic tweet in the best possible way

Gigi Hadid slams islamophobic tweet in the best possible way

Laura Loomer, an internet personality, prompted anger for her response to the attack that killed eight people after a pickup truck crashed into a bike path in Manhattan on Tuesday.

In the aftermath of the terror attack that struck New York City on Tuesday, a self-described "investigative-journalist" and blogger Laura Loomer posted a very insensitive anti-muslim tweet on her page. Earlier this year, the company barred notable white supremacist James Allsup from using its app and pledged to ban other white supremacists and hate group members.

Loomer followed up with more anti-Muslim tweets, including "Someone needs to create a non-Islamic form of Uber or Lyft because I never want to support another Islamic immigrant driver". Loomer, who is known for her far-right, inflammatory tweets, wrote on Wednesday (1 November) morning that she was late to the NYPD press conference because she wasn't able to find an Uber or Lyft that wasn't driven by a person who looked like they were Muslim.

The Verge goes on to point out that this isn't the first time that the two companies have banned far-right agitators.

In a series of tweets that sparked public outrage, Loomer complained that she had been having trouble finding an Uber driver who wasn't Muslim. Uber said it is cooperating with investigators. "This is insanity", Loomer wrote. Speaking of the women she later added: "The 2 women were smiling/smirking in hijabs as they walked past scene of terrorist attack".

Zayn has previously opened up about his Muslim background and when asked if he may decide to open up about it one day, he told Complex magazine: 'Who knows? "I stand by what I said".

Basically, Uber called out Loomer's racism and has used its full authority to ban her from using their service.

Within a few hours, her Twitter account had generated hundreds of anti-Muslim comments, and Uber and Lyft had both banned her from using their services and deactivated her accounts, according to NBC News.

Last June, Ms Loomer disrupted a performance of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar because the character of the assassinated Roman dictator resembled President Donald Trump and had a Slovenian-accented wife.

Wednesday was not the first time Uber banned a far-right activist from its platform.

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